It is definitely a holiday staple.

One of the most played songs every year after Thanksgiving.

This year will not be any different because many of us love Christmas music.

It holds the record for the fastest run to No. 1 in music history. Think about that.

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Music has a long, deep history. And, he lives right here in Tuscaloosa, as of 2023.

No song made it to the top faster than this classic. Rarely, a song becomes a cultural staple and is made into a film.

As well as a Best-Selling book.

The movie starred Rob Lowe and the wife of Brad Paisley, Kimberly Williams. The year the movie premiered, as a Sunday night movie of the week on NBC, it became the highest-rated movie of the entire year.

Another impressive feat.

The successful movie, of course, led to a sequel and another sequel. That's what happens anytime you have something that Americans can't get enough of.

Now, the creator of the entire concept has chosen to make Tuscaloosa, or the Tuscaloosa area, his hometown.

I know the writer pretty well.

He is a close friend, in fact. The phenomena that he is responsible for, is something he rarely talks about. In my experience, folks only find out when one of his other friends brings it up in a group setting.

People have one of two reactions.



Of course, this is what happens when something is wildly popular.

You either love it, or hate it. I have seen people start crying because it means so much to them.

That's my favorite.

The song? "Christmas Shoes" by Newsong


Video: YouTube/Benson Records

The movie? "Christmas Shoes" starring Rob Lowe.

The writer?

Well, me.

That's right. I co-wrote "Christmas Shoes" back in 1998 along with a couple members from the group, "NewSong".

I am so happy that it has touched so many hearts. At the same time, comedian Patton Oswalt does a 20-minute set on how much he hates the song.

That's okay. If one person was impacted it was worth it all.

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