This morning on the radio, I had 95.3 The Bear playing, and I hear a lady named Pam from Slocumb, Alabama.

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She said that she had proof that Brad Paisley was not a nice guy in the least.

According to Pam, Brad Paisley was playing a show here in Alabama. Her husband was backstage with some merchandise from a young, disabled girl who was a huge fan.

All she wanted was for Brad Paisley to sign her merchandise.

Apparently, Brad was only signing things during a certain window of time.

When told about the disabled fan, Paisley reportedly barked "I don't care what her deal is, I'M NOT SIGNING ANYTHING! You are too late!"

Now this one person telling her story about her encounter. Who knows? Maybe Brad was having a really bad day.

Interestingly enough a few folks have put together lists featuring the biggest jerks in country music.

Before I share that list, let me add one thought.

In an interview in 2020, football star Deion Sanders, made some interesting comments about being famous.

He talked about how every once in a while, he wants to throw a hat on and go to the grocery store.

Yet, if people spot him and want him to sign stuff, he's a jerk if ONE person doesn't leave with an autograph.

That can be true in many cases.

One BAD celebrity encounter can lead to that person telling lots of friends, family and "followers" about the experience they had with a famous person.

EVERYONE has bad moments!

OK, this guy did a list and I think he hates anyone that happens to be a conservative and a country singer.

Now, this is the original list that started this whole thing!

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