As a DJ, I love seeing other DJs in their element. Especially when they're as turned up as this grandpa DJ!

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There are so many great things that come with being a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Championships, the best gameday atmosphere, top recruits, and now we can add elderly DJs to the list!

Don't get me wrong, when I say elderly, he's no slouch. This man has all the energy needed to play in stadiums and arenas.

A great DJ not only has great musical selections, and top-tier crowd interaction, they also enjoy the music they're playing. It's something about seeing the person play the music enjoy it as much as you do, if not more.

As I was scrolling through social media, I came across this clip of a DJ with an Alabama sweater and he's killing it! I don't know his exact age but he appears to be over 45 years old but the way he dances to this Lil Jon track, you can't tell!


Seriously! Who's grandpa is this? I'm officially a fan.

I just want to spend 2 hours with him talking about DJ stuff then a few hours out on the town. I just know he can have a good time with anybody.

When people ask me how long I want to DJ, I always say that there is no limit for me. I will always love music.

This guy will be my new visual when I'm asked that question. He obviously loves what he's doing and I want to be just like that when I get to his age. ROLL TIDE to the Bama Grandpa DJ!

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