VIDEO: Georgia Mother Last Seen In Alabama Now Missing
This story really hit me hard. These things keep happening in Alabama. This story is bizarre. It sounds like a movie script but unfortunately it is absolutely real. Her name is Megan Green and she is a mother of three. She's been missing since Saturday. Much like the Garrett Walker story, in my opinion, this has so many strange and unanswered questions.
FIRST LOOK: Hollywood Movie Filmed In Tuscaloosa And Birmingham
Hollywood likes to make fun of Alabama. They have for decades. However, in recent years they can't get enough of filming in cities like Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Mobile. Bruce Willis has been in Tuscaloosa as well as Birmingham working on a major motion picture. We have all heard about Atlanta becoming "Hollywood South" but it looks like Hollywood just prefers the SOUTH.
Giant Australian Spiders Found In Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
I MAY Never sleep again. You may not either if you hate spiders as I do. I’m not the only one. I have a witness. I’ve been back in Tuscaloosa for one week, and I have loved it. However, as I looked for a new home, I encountered a creature that honestly stopped another sweet Tuscaloosa resident and me in our tracks.

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