It's springtime in Alabama and the tornado belt. 

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We ALL know what that means. I know some of what you are going to see and hear in this story is dangerous.

Tornado Hits Nashville, Tennessee
Getty Images

I understand we can not ask or would ask for anyone to go outside and film during a severe weather event.

We didn't ask anyone to go outside but we did receive some videos and clips from the storms last night.

22 Dead As Tornadoes Roar Across Tennessee, Including Nashville
Getty Images

In fact, you might have seen James Spann reference a trampoline in the air last night.

Someone in the area sent us a clip from that tornado touching down last night.

That trampoline is big and looks pretty heavy.

In addition, another video is going viral from the storms this month.

Tornado Touches Down In New Orleans
Getty Images

This time, it is from the Alabama News Network in Demopolis.

Pretty interesting video and it's getting shared all over the country.

Lastly, I don't even know what to say about this fool.

Wait. Did I type that? Yes.

This nut says he has figured out why we have so many twisters in Alabama.

Check this out, BELOW.

It's all the dang "traffic circles".


It reminds me of the moron from Florida, whon made news for his thoughts on stopping the violent hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Listen to this guy BELOW.

That is definitely the answer.


How big? LOL

Next week, MORE severe weather potential for West Alabama.

We'll keep you informed.

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