First off, it's not brand new. It has been out for a couple of months.

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It should not be labeled "controversial" in the least. Yet, that is exactly how I am seeing it labeled on social media.

Now, the video is getting picked up on late-night tv shows and spread across the world.

When did we totally lose our ability to have a laugh and get over it?

Why does everything have to be a huge ordeal?

Clearly, these folks in the video are having some fun with the way Alabama (and the south) often is portrayed in the other parts of America.

Alabama is where cousins marry. Yeah, Alabama is the state where it's legal to marry your sister. Blah blah freakin' blah and ha ha ha!

Whatever. They are simply having some fun with that and they did this video.

*Video from Morganandzach/Tiktok

Now, would you kiss your sister on a video for a joke? Or a laugh?

I can't say I would.

Another Alabama TikTok video is also getting lots of attention. This time it involves the University Of Alabama and supposedly a party that some students were having recently. I'm doubtful this even happened with Alabama students, but who knows?

Watch this Alabama police officer (is he really a cop?) respond to a noise complaint.  

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