It’s Still Warm! – Wednesday, September 25th

Today you can expect sunny skies then turning to a 20% chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The high will be near 93 and tonight’s low around 72.  Tonight, there will be mostly clear conditions.

Friday Night Football:  should be mostly clear but still warm at kickoff then cooling down as the game continues.

Home Game for Alabama:  In having a 2:30 pm kick-off time temperatures should be in the mid 90’s.  As we cheer Bama on to victory against Ole Miss the temperatures should decrease to the low 90’s by the end of the third quarter.  All in all, still a very warm game day!  Be sure to listen to our Townsquare Media radio stations as we will be providing game-day traffic with Captain Ray.

Tropics Update: It is still unclear if Tropical Storm Karen will impact Florida or the Gulf of Mexico, but I will continue to monitor this system and provide updates as needed.  Currently, it is north of Puerto Rico moving in a northward direction.  Hurricane Lorenzo is now the fifth hurricane season, and the expectation is to have no U.S. impacts as it is projected to turn northward.  Jerry is now a post-tropical storm and moving eastward.

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