Hollywood likes to make fun of Alabama. They have for decades.

However, in recent years they can't get enough of filming in cities like Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Mobile.

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Bruce Willis has been in Tuscaloosa as well as Birmingham working on a major motion picture. We have all heard about Atlanta becoming "Hollywood South" but it looks like Hollywood just prefers the SOUTH.

A film shot entirely in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, according to IMDB, is releasing in December. It's directed by a star who was in a huge summer blockbuster in the '80's.

He also, in the film, was a total evil jerk.


He was definitely the villain.

The film was "Rocky IV" starrting Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

Dolph directed the movie filmed here in Alabama.

The trailer was just released, so this is the world premiere of the trailer for "Castle Falls" below...I know we all will be looking for places we recognize.

By the way, that Bruce Willis movie I mentioned, "Die Like Lovers", was filmed in Bessemer and Birmingham with a release date coming in 2022.

No word yet on theatres or streaming services.

We know for sure that Bruce was in Tuscaloosa a couple of times, while filming the thriller.

Bruce Willis
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Photo: David Graves with Bruce Willis from Facebook
Photo: David Graves with Bruce Willis from Facebook

We also heard that Bruce Willis got a private audience with a certain GOAT coach after taking in a practice in Tuscaloosa.

Another feature film being filmed here in Alabama, had an open casting call looking for locals earlier this year.

The movie is called "About My Father" and stars Robert Deniro and Leslie Bibb. It will be out in 2022.

Hollywood has found a sweet, sweet home in Alabama.

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