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Thank you. Goodnight.

Is that it? Any questions? Alabama and Alabamians have a way of life. Most of us anyway.

I'm not claiming that I'm speaking for every citizen in Alabama.

However, I do believe the majority of folks in 'Bama would agree with some basic tenets:

1. We believe in God and are God-Fearing.

2. We strive to raise our children with respect for authority, others and most importantly, God.

3. We enjoy our right to bear arms.

4. We bleed CRIMSON. Enough said.

5. Most of us voted for Donald Trump.

6. We believe in a Men's room and a Ladies room.

7. We believe you should at least attempt to learn English if you choose to move here.

8. We believe butter makes everything better.

9. If MAMA ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!

10. We believe in going to church on Sunday.

AGAIN, I'm not claiming that every single person in Alabama believes in those "tenets" but I do feel that most of us are on the same page.

Leave us alone. Now, Kay Ivey is getting attacked by the left in California for her comments on the "Alabama way of life".

Why aren't we permitted to have a "way of life" here in Alabama?


Stop shoving your way of life down our throats.

Alabama is full of some of the most kind, generous, loving, incredible and unforgettable folks I've ever known.

And, I've been to and lived in many other states.

Stop attacking us because we're Christians that you just can't stand. I believe that is where the majority of these attacks come from, in my opinion.

IN GOD WE TRUST. Everyone else I need to verify first.

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