Christmas is here, and the only thing better than getting everything on your wishlist is remembering the joy of Christmas from your days as a kid. 

If you grew up in Alabama, chances are your parents took you to Birmingham to see Jingles the Bear. Jingles was basically a giant remote-controlled puppet who "lived" at the center court of Century Plaza Mall every Christmas season. The mall would go all out decorating, and kids would wait in line for hours to be able to talk to Jingles the Bear.

I remember telling Jingles what I wanted for Christmas and being totally amazed when the bear said my name. To a small kid like me, it was MAGIC.

Do you remember Jingles the Bear? I found a video HERE if you need a refresher. I'd love to see any photos or videos you have of Jingles, so share them if you've got them!

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