Today, there's a lot of talk in Tuscaloosa concerning the Christmas parade last night. Some people are talking about the floats, the lights, the faux snow, and Santa; but most are talking about the dance lines.

There were quite a few dance lines in the West Alabama Christmas Parade. The parade was HUGE! So huge, in fact, that after driving to the end, I came back around, parked, and enjoyed the remainder with my child.

Some of what I saw made me scratch my head. I understand that some of the dance moves are cultural, but I also think that some of what is done AND WORN causes the sexualization of children. This does not mean that it causes people to see children as sexual beings but more so that it causes children to become aware of sexuality, which is happening at younger and younger ages as time progresses.

In my opinion, children are exposed to too much these days anyway. I can remember being a child, and when a sex scene would come on a movie, our parents made us turn our heads. There is some behavior in which adults partake that children should never witness; and this is NOT exclusive to dance. Some people curse at their children, fight in front of their children, steal in front of their children, etc.  It's bad enough that it's being done from the start, but why set the example for future children to follow?

Remember just a few weeks ago, there was controversy over dance lines in high school stands. Click here for a refresher.

What are your thoughts?  Before you answer, check out this group's performance in a competition.





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