A few years back a warning was issued for these yellow jacket "super nests" in Alabama.

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I witnessed these nests, many the size of an entire side of a home, all over parts of south Alabama.

Now, as a resident in Tuscaloosa, I am hoping we don't experience the same thing here.


According to LiveScience, the first time around in 2019, some of these nests measured the same size as a car.

The people at the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, keep up with this kind of thing.

Apparently, due to the mild winter we had, just like a few years ago, we could be in for more "super nests".

Typically, the nests begin showing up on the sides of homes, in sheds or a garage, in late April or early May.

Here is an entomologist from Alabama, and a few victims of the "super nest" explaining their ability to hunt us humans down.

As a child, I ran into a hornets nest, got stung over 50 times and am now highly allergic.

So, these stories bother me.

Yellow jacket wasps build intricate nests from chewed wood fibers and saliva, yes, wasp saliva. That sounds great, huh?

Often times, a child, doesn't notice the nest because it blends in with various things.

Be careful, this Spring and Summer, if you live in Alabama with this warning from folks that know how these creatures work.

As you heard from one expert, they can also call their "buddies" for backup, and follow you based on your scent.

On a lighter note, when I looked up "yellow jacket sting" online, I found this.

Sting Performs Never-Before-Heard Version Of "Brand New Day" On New Year's Eve in Times Square
Getty Images for Sting

C'mon that's funny.

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