Would you know what to do if your car was submerged in a river or a lake, and you were locked inside? How would you react, if suddenly, you found yourself in a vehicle that was quickly sinking underwater? These are scenarios that we don't always think of. However, the other night while I was randomly searching through YouTube, I found THIS video which made me THINK. And it also gave me some sort of plan, on what type of action to take, in case I found myself in this predicament. The key, as you'll see in this video, is to make your escape within the first 30 seconds. Experts say, that those moments are the most CRUCIAL.

Be that as it may, I found THIS video very educational, and I thought that I'd pass it along. Hopefully, you'll never find yourself in this situation. However, in the event that you do find yourself faced with the difficult challenge of evacuating a sinking vehicle in a body of water, now you have some good lifesaving advice, on how to make a smart and safe decision.

The video is courtesy ABC World News.

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