Willie Nelson is adding another timeless ballad to his prolific discography. Click play above to watch the poignant, black-and-white music video for "It Gets Easier," one of the new songs on Nelson's forthcoming album, God's Problem Child.

Just shy of his 84th birthday on April 29, Nelson faces the idea of getting older head-on in "It Gets Easier." With his guitar Trigger by his side and buffeted by a traditional honky-tonk arrangement -- including a slide guitar, an organ and even an accordion -- Nelson's simple songwriting with famed producer Buddy Cannon is on full display in the song.

"It gets easier to say 'some other time' / It gets easier to tell the world to wait / It gets easier to watch the world fly by / And tell it, 'I will catch up, but not today,'" Nelson sings in "It Gets Easier," with his signature gravelly vocals, quietly defying the pressures of every other thing in the world except love. "I don't have to do / One damn thing / That I don't want to do / Except for missing you / That won't go away."

"It Gets Easier" is the second song that Nelson has shared from God's Problem Child, which is set for release on April 28 (one day before his upcoming birthday); previously, Nelson revealed, also in a video, the song "A Woman's Love" from the project. All together, the record features 13 tracks, seven of which Nelson wrote.

Nelson has a small number of tour dates on his calendar this spring and summer. More details can be found on his website.

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