We hear the phrase "war on drugs" a lot, but we don't usually see it.

That's too bad because it's incredibly entertaining.

This footage of Brazilian cops crashing their car into a drug smuggler's plane before it can take off is proof.

The clip is from 2011, but has only recently surfaced after an abridged version made its way onto Reddit.

We said it in the headline and it's true: this footage is like something you'd see in a Die Hard movie. And not one of the later "Bruce Willis flies to Moscow and winds up shooting everyone who sneers at him Die Hard movies." We're talking the first Die Hard sequel where he single-handedly sends a plane up in flames as it's about to go airborne.

These guys are just as dedicated and crazy. They drove right into the wing of the plane, smashed their windshield and kept going. For their sakes, we hope they brought this video into their boss and demanded a raise.

The video ends mid-chase, so it's hard to tell how it ends. Did they get their man or did they lose them somewhere south of the Peruvian border? Something tells us these cops won't rest until they've got their man.

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