If you're a parent you know that sometimes it feels like your kids homework is a bigger challenge for you than for them.  We've all had struggles trying to figure out how to help our kids with their homework, but one teacher is trying to help.

Shannon Hert is a teacher in Florida, and she has designed a new system to explain the way she teaches math, that may be different than when parents were in school, to better prepare those parents to help their kids with their math homework.  She says “Parents would call, email about the homework, kids would go home and say, ‘we do it this way’ and parents would say, ‘no, do it the standard way, this is how I learned, this is how you'll learn,’

So Shannon started holding parents’ night after school to show parents the new standards children use in Florida schools. Her husband suggested she reach out to a larger audience, so the couple and a team designed “United 4 Math” to break it down.

The program is a series of videos starring Shannon, who uses a whiteboard and black markers to show step-by-step the way children do math now in elementary school.  She is donating the program to the Martin County School district and is reaching out to the Florida PTA and across the country, confident the program will help.  Check out the video here.

Let us know if it helps you, and what tricks do you have that can help the rest of us?


Credit WBPF

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