Two Tuscaloosa-based radio personalities have been added to the cast of a motion picture titled "The Wolf".

Actor, writer and director Joey Traywick has been involved with over 50 television and film productions, including but not limited to, NCIS: New Orleans, The Purge, Palmer starring Justin Timberlake and Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston.

Traywick is from Columbus, Mississippi and has been a listener of the Steve & DC Show for many years. He began his career in movies and television with his first project in 2009.

While details on the film and the plot are under wraps, "The Wolf", features actress and model Caroline Walker. No word yet on the roles Steve & DC will play as of now, but it will have something to do with broadcasting according to sources.

Joey Traywick was on with Steve & DC this morning with more details on the project, and you can listen to that interview below.

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