Attention all lovers of McDonald's chicken nuggets. This is not a drill!

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Wednesday only, you can get a six-piece Chicken McNuggets for just $1.

That's right, just $1 will get you a whole six piece chicken McNuggets from McDonald's on Wednesday only right here in Alabama.

McDonald's is celebrating their new Chicken McNuggets personality quiz. It pretty much lets you discover your McNuggets personality type. You'll either be the creative type, the shape connoisseur, the sharer or the sauce superfan.

I know what you're wondering right now, "How do you get the the special $1 deal for six chicken McNuggets?"

The $1 deal is being offered through the McDonald's app.

If you love these nuggets, what better way is there to spend your Wednesday? You can take the Chicken McNuggets personality quiz, find out if you're the sauce superfan, which I probably am, the sharer which has never been me, shape connoisseur, or the creative type, and then you get to live out your truth while you enjoy your $1 six piece McNuggets from McDonald's right here in Alabama.

The cool thing about the Chicken McNuggets personality quiz is that you'll not only know what kind of person you are when it comes to those golden nuggets. You'll also find out a lot about your kids, friends and family members.

I heard those sauce superfans may not get along with those shape connoisseurs. Something about too much time starring at the chicken nugget.

If you can spare a few weight watchers points, you're due for a cheat meal, or you just love those chicken McNuggets, get that app downloaded and go to your nearest McDonald's on Wednesday to pick up that $1 six piece McNuggets.

(Source) To view the full story on People, click here. 

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