Th city of Tuscaloosa is planning to roll out six new automated garbage trucks by the end of the year.  The new garbage trucks will use a robotic arm to grab the city-issued garbage container, empty it into the truck and then place it back on the curb.  The first two trucks are expected to be in use by late spring or early summer.

What will you need to do?  Not much.  You'll just need to make sure you're using the latest version of the city-issued garbage bins, the tall, all-plastic versions, and that they be placed on the curb no closer than 3 feet from another object.

The new trucks will require just one person to operate instead of the three employees who now man each collection vehicle, but that doesn't mean the city will be laying off workers.  Stacy Vaughn, the city’s director of public services, told the Tuscaloosa News that workers either will make a transition into another job or sanitation positions won’t be filled once they go empty.


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