As kids all over our area operated lemonade stands all over our area for Lemonade Day this weekend, an 8 year old girl in New Jersey had her own stand for a cause dear to her heart.

Third grader Delilah Lattanzio spent Friday night building a pink stand, then all day Saturday and Sunday selling lemonade in front of her home to raise money to save Toy R Us.

According to, Delilah was heartbroken when she heard they were closing.  She says every dollar will be donated to Toys R Us. She’s even got her bike up for sale. She’s also started a petition that’s garnered hundreds of signatures from other third graders and adults.

Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy after 70 years in business. It has already started liquidating all its U.S. stores.  Delilah says if they won't accept the donations because they are going out of business, she plans to donate all the money raised to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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