In the final years of Glen Campbell’s life, the country music legend spent his days and nights at a place called Abe’s Garden, an Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center in Nashville. So to celebrate his birthday on Sunday (April 22), his children, Ashley and Shannon Campbell performed one of his biggest hits at the center.

It was an endearing performance of "Gentle on my Mind" — a song that seemed to delight the residents of the groundbreaking center. Indeed, the musical gene was undeniable during the performance of the 1971 hit on what would have been their father's 82nd birthday.

On May 11, Ashley Campbell will release her debut country album The Lonely One. The songwriter, singer and banjo aficionado wrote all of the songs on the upcoming project. Ashley was a member of Glen’s touring band back in 2011 and 2012, and she played an important part in the award-winning 2015 documentary Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me. In that documentary, she contributed the song "Remembering," which reflected on the struggles of her father throughout his Alzheimer’s journey.

"My parents were still living in Malibu, and I felt really bad that I was a couple state away from my dad and from my mom, going through this and taking care of him," Ashley said of the emotionally charged ballad at the time. "I just needed to write something to feel closer to them."

The world lost Glen Campbell on August 8, 2017.

Glen Campbell's Life and Career in Pictures

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