A high-traffic, high-accident intersection, finally got a traffic light, which began operating this morning. The intersection is located at the corner of Hargrove Road & Lakepoint Drive. The intersection is the main entrance to The Walmart Neighborhood Market in Eastern Tuscaloosa.

Since the Walmart Neighborhood Market's opening in September 2015, the intersection has increased in traffic congestion and accidents. I have personally witnessed three accidents at this very intersection. Nearby residents have long expressed their concern for this intersection. The amount of traffic that has increased at this location, and the speed at which many vehicles drive through here, has given them good reason to voice their concerns.

Construction of the traffic lights began a few weeks ago. City Officials let motorists know, (via flashing warning road signs), that February 9th (today) would be the first day that the traffic lights would be officially in operation. This gave motorists ample, advance warning. However, it wouldn't surprise me if some motorists fail to acknowledge the new traffic lights due to being accustomed to driving through the intersection without any need to stop.

I applaud city officials, the neighborhood residents, and the Walmart Neighborhood Market for installing these traffic lights. They are much needed and will hopefully alleviate some of the traffic congestion and eliminate many of the accidents that have been occurring at this intersection.


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