And you thought Starbucks was expensive.

A new shop in Brooklyn called Extraction Lab is selling the country's most expensive coffee, at $18 a pop. Yeah, $18 for a cup of coffee. Hopefully, you can keep the cup and use it to beg for change after you've finished drinking from it.

The cost is so sky-high that you won't even need all that caffeine to keep you up all night while you toss and turn beating yourself up for spending like a Saudi prince.

Why is it so expensive? Thomas Perez, CEO of the company that owns Extraction Lab, says it's made from a rare Panamanian bean. He also maintains that it's "a normal coffee shop."

The cheapest coffee that customers can buy goes for $3 and Perez wants to reassure everyone this isn't an effort to put off people. “We don’t want customers to be intimidated when they walk in,” he Perez said. “We want to create an open community."

At $18 per cup of joe, this community is about as open as a buried time capsule.

Perhaps you can pair it with this $22 strawberry for a completely overpriced snack that will put you in debt.

You can learn more about Extraction Lab in the video below.

Start saving.

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