Living in Alabama can be dangerous, in more ways than one.

We have killer snakes, alligators, and bears.

Now this is not something we are not aware of. Yet the thought of pulling into my driveway and catching 2 bears in the act, well now that’s a story. See entire video below.

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We know that we should always be cautious around any wildlife, because of the snakes and other creepy crawlers, but bears were not on my radar till now.

How does one react to bears doing the dirty deed in your driveway?

Do you beep your horn at them?

Spray them with your hose to break them up?

Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
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The correct answer is let them be and pull out your phone and make a video!

This may be the only recorded incident, that I have found, of bears doing it in Suburbia  USA.

Are there any incidents of bears being too close to home for Alabamians?

Why yes there has been one incident recently.

bear Rocky duncan Facebook
bear Rocky duncan Facebook

An Alabama woman was cleaning up her yard and throwing the grass clippings into her trash can when she looked up and saw a bear less than 30 yards away from her.

Amanda Fortner Mitchell, who lives in Fort Payne, said she heard rustling in the woods next to her house and thought it was a squirrel or maybe even a bird.

Let’s be honest here, none of us would think to watch out for bears. I know that bears would not be something I would be worried about.

Now I know better.

When she walked around her car to get to her trash can she saw the bear and once she realized the bear was not making any movements towards her she grabbed her phone and recorded a video.

Yet, I can only imagine the initial fear that both of these incidents caused when they spotted the bears that were making themselves feel at home.

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