As summer heats up, Clint Black is looking ahead to Christmas. The country music legend will bring his 1995 holiday album to life onstage this November with a musical, Looking for Christmas.

The musical stage adaptation will run at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego from Nov. 13 to Dec. 16. The story will follow "Staff Sergeant Mike Randolf and his family as they settle back into life after he returns from Afghanistan, (along with) is youngest daughter’s search for the true meaning of Christmas helps him make peace with his past on the battlefield," a press release shares.

"As a huge fan of Christmastime, I’m always thinking of our military families and what they face during the holidays," Black says, adding that he's excited transform the album into a new art form. "I’m especially happy to highlight their story with Looking for Christmas.”

 “I had toyed with the idea of writing a musical as I’m always looking for new challenges,” he adds. "We developed the story to fit the music and quickly had a very clear sense of the kind of story we wanted to tell. Many of our soldiers come home from war to a new war in their minds. The holidays are always a time of heightened emotions and we knew we would have some very inspiring themes to explore, while telling a contemporary tale that would be relatable to many Americans young and old."

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