It's National Military Appreciation Month, and you now have a chance to treat yourself while supporting a great cause. Starbucks is selling these new brownies from Dog Tag Bakery, and they're AMAZING.

It's a little brownie coated in dark chocolate and then dusted with crushed kettle potato chips. The brownie is the perfect marriage of sweet and salty, but the best part is--buying one supports an incredible mission.

Dog Tag Bakery gives disabled veterans the experience they need to succeed in the civilian world with business and entrepreneurship programs. Here's more from an official release I found on this delish brownie:

Dog Tag Bakery’s entrepreneurial fellowship program combines education with hands-on experience to create a living business school, to build a bridge to employment and to help veterans, military spouses and caregivers find fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

You can read more about Dog Tag Bakery here.

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