Everybody who lives in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas knows the woes of Highway 69 South traffic.  However, that situation has changed!

At one point, the commute on Highway 69 South was a tremendous burden for travelers, but recent construction has made it a three-lane highway for most of the stretch within city limits.  This does not come without consequence.

Where there were right turning lanes before, there are no more.  Issuing a warning for travelers in the area, Representative Christopher England took to his Facebook page.

As someone who had to regularly navigate Atlanta traffic, I can say that while the traffic on Highway 69 didn't flow as smoothly as traffic in other areas of the city, it certainly could have been worse!  But hopefully, the additional lane on each side will make the commute easier.

Without a doubt, proper use of turn signals is essential! I just got mine serviced last week.  I can't imagine living in a high-traffic area without them.

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