If you've ever spent a summer in the state of Alabama, you know the struggle with mosquitoes is real. The problem is so real, in fact, that two cities in the state are among the 50 worst nationally for mosquitoes in 2018.

Pest control company Orkin released its list of cities as we head into the hot, summer months and there's no surprise that southern states lead the way. Texas, Florida, and Louisiana have the most cities on the list, but Alabama checks in pretty high. Birmingham 18th nationally while Huntsville-Decatur checks in at 43rd. Tuscaloosa might not make the top 50, but it's hard to imagine that the city is too far behind.

Atlanta claimed the top spot on the list, which marks the 5th year in a row that the city has been No. 1. That's not an honor worth celebrating, unfortunately.

Orkin provided this list of suggestions to help minimize the mosquitoes around your house:

  • Any object that has the potential to hold water should be removed or cleaned out frequently, as mosquitoes can breed in just an inch of standing water.
  • Clean gutters to avoid rainwater build up. Be sure to check for puddles that form on the roof from rain water, leaking pipes or even condensation from air conditioners.
  • Change water weekly in bird baths, fountains, potted plants and any containers that hold standing water.
  • Keep pool water treated and circulating.
  • Trim shrubbery, as adult mosquitoes like to rest in dark areas with high humidity, such as under the leaves of lush vegetation.

You can check out the full list of the top 50 mosquito cities here. 

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