They say many of us have a plan if the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits us all in the USA.

I can believe that. What about a plan for zombie raccoons?

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These little evil creatures are just plain mean. Now, we may have to deal with them in West Alabama.

Here's a few things wildlife experts say about the zombie raccoon.

1. They walk around in a dazed and confused state and approach people and pets.

2. They often wobble, stagger or fall down.

3.They show their teeth quite often

4. They have eyes that "glow"

Glowing eyes sound a tad unnerving.

The eyes have a weird and eerie green tint experts say. They are suffering from a virus, much like the rest of creation, called distemper.

I lost my childhood dog "Brandy" to distemper when I was only 6.

That's a truly hideous disease. Don't worry, a human can not "catch" distemper.

In 2021, many southern states have experienced an uptick of these zombie raccoons. Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. And, yes, Alabama.

Cullman County dealt with them earlier this year and a warning was issued by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

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The aggressive raccoons exposed a few Alabama citizens to rabies earlier this year. According to ADPH, the "sick" raccoon stalked and then viciously attacked someone that was just out for an early evening walk around the block.

Rabies, by the way, is a virus transmitted by saliva. Many folks are not aware of that. Here is an Alabama woman with a warning of her own.

In 2019, Shelby County had an unusual number of rabid raccoons around December. The up and down temps can lead to several animals movement as they look for warmer grounds.

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