"She was the most beautiful, loving and sweet person I had ever met"

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The words of Winchester Hagans from East Alabama near Notasulga, Alabama.

The love of his life? Her name was Hannah Ford. In a cruel twist, as they searched for the perfect place to tie the knot, Hannah was killed.

It was a terrible car accident. It happened on that same day they finally were able to find a wedding venue.

They met back in 2019. They were engaged by 2020. He remembers kissing his bride-to-be right before she left for her home in Montgomery, Alabama.

What happened next is something nobody would wish on their worst enemy. The call informing him that Hannah was killed in a traffic accident.

The last thing she said was "I love you and I hate leaving you".

Fast-forward to 2022, and now the husband-to-be is being drug through a nasty legal process because he placed a beautiful flower display at Hannah's grave.


The broken hearted man built a flower box with the couples engagement photos all around it. H e then took it to Hannah's grave at the Auburn Memorial Park Cemetery.

This Alabama story is now getting worldwide attention, and rightly so.

Hagans claims someone must have thrown his flowers and display away, so he built it all over again and took it back to her grave.

However, back on January 24, 2022 he was stopped by law enforcement officers while traveling to preach in East Alabama.

The cops said that several warrants had been issued for his arrest.

The charge is for "criminal littering".

Auburn police say that burial plots are owned by the family of the deceased and therefore are private property.

A trial date is scheduled for later this month.

This seems beyond insane to me.

The display is beautiful even though the circumstances are tragic.

Why cause more pain?

Is this really a case that an Alabama judge should waste time and our money hearing?

I say absolutely not.

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