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NOT GUILTY: Rittenhouse Verdict, What Does Tuscaloosa Alabama Think
Well, it came. The verdict heard around the world. I watched from a busy shopping center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I want to know how Tuscaloosa and West Alabama folks feel about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Tap the app below and let me know. Lots of inflamed passionate opinions are flowing here.
BREAKING: Former Alabama Star Henry Ruggs Lawyers Refuse To Turn Over Medical Records
Here's the latest attempt from former Alabama and NFL superstar Henry Ruggs III and his attorneys to keep him out of jail. You get what you pay for, as they say. Clearly, Henry Ruggs, who spent a few years living here in Tuscaloosa, is paying them plenty of money. Ruggs lawyers are arguing that turning over medical records are a violation of "doctor-patient privilege".