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The Alabama ABC Board is planning to its end its prohibition of late-night alcohol sales at the state's bars and restaurants next week, members said in a meeting Thursday afternoon.

Last month, the ABC Board passed emergency rule 20-X-6.20 ER which stated that bars and restaurants which had a license from the board had to cease all alcohol sales by 11:00 p.m.

The extreme measure was adopted in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Alabama after the virus ran riot through the state in July, ABC Spokesperson Dean Argo told the Tuscaloosa Thread.

"As it gets later in the evening and more alcohol is consumed, people are less likely to abide by health directives including social distancing and the wearing of masks," Argo said.

Since then, though, many lounges, bars, restaurants and clubs have voiced concerns about being able to stay in business as the late-night prohibition continues to deciminate their profits.

As COVID-19 cases decrease statewide, Argo said the ABC Board "wanted to do something that was a little less restrictive."

"The Board along with its staff have been working on a new emergency order 20-X-6.21 ER which would take place of the [existing emergency order]," Argo said. "It basically states that licensees would be required to follow the directives that were used by the governor and/or state health officer."

The ABC Board is expected to adopt the order in an emergency meeting next week. Stay connected to The Tuscaloosa Thread for further updates.

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