Alabama head coach Nick Saban doesn't get off the subject of football very often, but Wednesday was one of those rare moments.

During his final press conference of the week before the Tide takes on Mercer, Saban led off his opening comments with his thoughts on ripped jeans.

"I just want to know how we got here," Saban started. "Not to offend anybody out there. I just walked by some jeans. Wore out jeans. Holes in 'em. All cut up. I just remember when I was a kid in West Virginia. I was ashamed to go to school because my jeans were wore out only because we didn't have any better. Now they buy 'em that way. I just figure, how did we get here?"

After Saban composed himself, he locked back into football and began talking about this week's game against Mercer. Here are all the topics he discussed:

  • His thoughts on the seniors heading into Senior Day and how proud he is of this group.
  • Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller are in the "functional phase of rehab" but still aren't medically cleared to play.
  • Jalen Hurts' development as a quarterback and what Saban thinks he does really well.
  • What Alabama's defense needs to do to get off the field on third downs.
  • Getting young players experience, in particular Deionte Thompson.
  • Anthony Averett's performance for Alabama this year and what's he's been able to do this season.
  • How evaluates players in practice when he's looking for guys that can "play winning football."

You can watch the full press conference in the video above.

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