Tennessee fans all over have reason to celebrate. After 15 years, the Vols defeated the Crimson Tide of Alabama in a wild 52-49 finish.

The game-winning field goal by Tennessee sent a dart straight through the hearts of Alabama fans.

What made it even worse is that Alabama had a chance to win the game with a field goal just moments before.

The celebrations were epic all across the country. There was even a celebration by Tuscaloosa high school employees Monday morning after the game.

Assistant Principal Brad Armstrong greeted students how only a Vols fan would following the win. 

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Immediately after the win, fans rushed to the field in celebration but what followed shocked people all over America.

In the midst of the celebrations, fans somehow ended up removing the goalposts from the field at Neyland Stadium.

According to a tweet, UT just paid off the goalposts a week before the epic game.



You can even see the school's president laughing about the goalposts being torn down inside Neylan Stadium.


Well now, according to a tweet from the University of Tennessee Football page, there is a Gofundme started to help get new goalposts before their next home game.

The page offers many gift options to honor the historic victory over Alabama.

"Give $16" is one of the options with the description "seasons since Vols beat Alabama."

Another option is "Give 52.49" which describes the final score of Alabama's heartbreaking loss.

The largest give option is $1,019.15 which is described as the capacity of the sold-out crowd inside Neyland Stadium for the game.

It's nice to see that schools go so far out of their way to celebrate a win over Alabama but why destroy your own property?

Hopefully, the Vols get those goalposts replaced by their next game.

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