Rewind to the 2009 Iron Bowl, the Alabama Crimson Tide enter the game undefeated,  ranked No. 2 in the nation and with its sights set on the SEC and national championship.

Alabama found itself 79 yards away from the endzone, down one point with eight minutes left in game on The Plains. Alabama's offense led by Greg McElroy, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Trent Richardson got in gear and made what is now known to many as "The Drive".

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The game-winning score came on a 4-yard play-action pass from McElroy to senior running back Roy Upchurch. Then freshman sensation, Richardson touched the ball on the three prior plays for the Tide, one on screen and two rushes out of the backfield.

"I told him to pull it, because the play before that I ran the screen down there. Somebody took my knee out and I couldn't really run, I was like 'Greg, you're going to have to pull this' and then he hit Roy in the flat," said Richardson on The Jay Barker Show.

"I knew it was going to be open, they were bringing their blitzes too. I told him 'I got you, I'm going to block, I got you' and so when that happened and Roy got the touchdown," Richardson continued.

The back from Pensacola rushed for 20 of his 51 yards on the games final drive and additionally gained 17 or his 31 receiving yards on the aforementioned screen play. He also got into the endzone for Alabama's first score of the game to cut the Auburn lead down to 14-7.

Perhaps without Richardson's instructions to McElroy the Crimson Tide would not have finished off "The Drive" with a game-winning touchdown.


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