If there was a month designed just for me, it’s September because it is self-care awareness month.  I am on my very own personal self-care journey to take care of my mind, body, and spirit.  I believe that self-care is essential because of can’t give to others if you don’t give to yourself.

Self-care is so much more than a manicure and pedicure for me.  But, I do indulge in those as well.  It is making sure my basic needs are met for my spirit.  I’m also practicing meditation to clear my mind and to help me stay clear of anxiety.  The list of self-care practices is growing and growing.

One area that I totally believe is clearing any negative energy from my environment(s).  Sensory self-care is vital.  I found a great Alabama business that helps in that area.  I want to introduce you to Ashley from Virgo Ash.  She specializes in “room & linen sprays infused with essential oils for everyday use.”  Ashley noted that she is “very passionate when it comes to helping others gain a sense of clarity, increasing calmness, and finding peace of mind.”

Virgo Ash has a Lavender Linen & Room Spray and a Sage & Lavender Room Cleansing Spray. You will be happy to know that both are made with essential oils and fresh herbs.  Listen, you had me at lavender!  I cosign Ashley’s thoughts about lavender and that it “encourages a good night's sleep and can be relieving for tension headaches.”  Also, since I am all about clearing my space, the “sage cleanses and purifies negative energy, it is also a smokeless option to burning sage.”

Virgo Ash

Virgo Ash is a personal project by Ashley, who has been working from home since March 2020 due to COVID. Ashley started using essential oils, which is a more holistic method in her daily routine to promote sleep, relieve stress, and create a positive environment to be more productive and find peace. After seeing posts from friends and family with the same struggles, she decided to develop Virgo Ash and make room sprays infused with essential oils and sell her products.

Virgo Ash

Be sure to support Virgo Ash, an Alabama small business.  To purchase products, head over to Instagram, and follow @virgoash_, and message Ashley your product requests.  Also, you can locate her products at the Virgo Ash Facebook page at Virgo Ash Spray and on Instagram: @virgoash_  - Ashley accepts payments from Cash App: $virgoash20 and Venmo: @virgoash

Virgo Ash

(Source) To follow Virgo Ash on Instagram, click here.  To follow Virgo Ash on Facebook, click here.

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