Today Will Be Mostly Sunny

Weather Update for Monday, November 18th

It’s Monday, and our area is starting the work week with patchy dense fog before 8 am.  Then the day will be turning mostly sunny with calm winds and high near 60.  Then there will be an increase in clouds as we go through the day as a dry cold front will move through the area.  Tonight, the calm winds remain with mostly cloudy skies with a low around 39.  As of right now, we expect to have a few more days of sunny skies with Tuesday’s high near 67 and Wednesday near 70.  The first chance of rain comes our way on Thursday afternoon.

Quick National Weather Headlines:·

In Venice, Italy floodwaters hit the 5-foot mark

The Bahamas experienced such a loss when Hurricane Dorian hit, but now the estimated cost in losses is $3.4 billion.  In my opinion, the most devastating loss is that, according to the NY Times, “there were 67 confirmed deaths, and 282 people were still missing as of late October.”  ·

A spot that is on my bucket list made headlines, Niagara Falls.  According to the Weather Channel, “after more than 100 years, Niagara Falls Historic Barge is Slipping.”

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