The weed killer product known as “Roundup” has been repeatedly linked to cancer.

Recently, this Georgia man had his lawsuit revived after claiming that “Roundup” caused his cancer.

Now, the SHOCKING study revealed that over 80% of us have “Roundup’s” main chemical in our urine samples.

CNN is reporting that the pesticide chemicals are sprayed on pretty much every piece of food on the planet earth.

See below, the shocking reveal that the poison has also been found in BABY FORMULA!
Baby. Formula.

Photo: CNN
Photo: CNN

For years many people have been made fun of or ridiculed for their “chemtrails” theories. Well, call it what you want, but when 8 out of 10 people are testing positive for a deadly chemical, that’s more than a conspiracy theory.

If you are not familiar with this theory, check out the Harvard University research group that has done several studies and reports on the topic.

Check out this video for more on “chemtrails”.

I, don’t understand how anyone, would have trouble with believing that the government is capable of poisoning all of us.

80% of us have a serious cancer related chemical in our urine samples.

That is very scary.

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