A few months back I wrote about Shoe Station's impending move to McFarland Plaza. In case you missed it, you can read it HERE

Now we can report on their official Grand Opening date, which will be on Thursday, July 5th.

Since 2016, Shoe Station has been M.I.A. from Tuscaloosa since vacating their McFarland Mall space after being there for 20 years. Their new 12,000 square foot store in McFarland Plaza, is the same space that Shoe Carnival occupied before they officially closed their doors.

Brent Barkin, Shoe Station’s President and CEO, told The Tuscaloosa News, “We have been searching to get back into Tuscaloosa since we left in 2016. We have looked at numerous properties and found this bright, newly-renovated space.”

To commemorate its Grand Opening Celebration, Shoe Station will be opening their doors at 8 A. M. and passing out special gift vouchers to their first 100 customers on the dates of July 5th thru July 7th. (Thursday- Saturday).

And if you're looking for a job at Shoe station's new store, you can apply HERE

The company started was started in Mobile back in 1984. This new store represents the  21rst store in the chain.

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