In an era of flashy uniforms and alternate jerseys, the University of Alabama is one of the few brands in all of sports that has remained loyal to its traditional look. When you see the crimson and white uniforms with the number on the helmet, you know exactly which team you're watching.

There has been, however, a few changes to Alabama football's uniform through the years. Most of them are minor, but the one that occasionally gets brought up from time to time is white helmets. The Crimson Tide wore white as far back as 1930 but it really became well-known during the Bryant era. The last time we actually saw these worn came during the 1984 season when the team dressed in white from head to toe for away games.

More than 30 years have passed since the all-whites were donned, but some fans continue to call for their return - at least for a one-off special occasion. When the video above popped up on social media last week, one current Alabama player even pushed for the white helmets.

It's highly unlikely we'll see a the whites become part of the rotation on a yearly, but what about a homecoming game or to honor an old team? The traditionalists will argue against it, but this look has been worn throughout the history of Alabama's football program. It's not like one game with white helmets will open the flood gates for tweaks and changes like houndstooth jerseys or black pants, but that's not enough to convince people to break tradition.

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