Why Alabama?

I can not find one single connection to the state of Alabama in this double murderer of children's past history.

Tuscaloosa? Northport? Birmingham? What city will this callous child killing individual make their new home?

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More on that later.

Yes, a very notorious killer of two children, is on her way to Alabama.

Both, a best-selling book,

Photo: Signet Publishing/Amazon

And later, a movie in 1993, of the same name.

The movie was amazing. For a true preview of this merciless killer on her way to Alabama, you can watch the movie below.

*Video from TVfanatic/YouTube


As a former St. Louis resident, I am very familiar with this case.

It happened in a suburb of St. Louis. I remember how hard it was to accept that a mother could murder her own precious little children.

Why? What did they do to you?

The child killer has a name. Make sure you make a note of it, although I am certain she will change it. Her name is Paula Sims.

Lock up your cribs. Of course, it started with the 'ol "someone kidnapped my baby" line. It was a lie. She had killed her children, years apart, in cold blood.

She was convicted of these murders and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. WELL, a few months back, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board voted 12-1 to approve parole for Paula Sims.

Photo: Sims from stltoday
Photo: Sims from stltoday

The sole "no" vote was from Jared Bohland, who believes she is still a danger to others. As I ALSO do.

I am always open to second chances but this is murdering her two kids, and not the same day.

What are the odds that postpartum psychosis would strike two times, years apart. Her lawyer claims that she thinks about her crimes daily. He says she is very remorseful.

NOW COMES THE NEWS THAT SHE IS MOVING HERE! As you can read in the link above, near the bottom of the story. Our sources tell us that her wait to move is over and she has arrived in Alabama. Be careful, Paula Sims is kind of a common name.

You MUST give the parole board your "plans", with address and names of anyone you will be living with, for your time once you are free, post prison.

Sims had told the parole board that she will move to ALABAMA to be a "dog groomer".

The paperwork was officially filed, and after a few months in a halfway house, she is NOW arriving in Alabama.

OK, great. Remind me never to take my chihuahua to her "grooming" business.

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