The students at the University of Alabama have the chance to opt-in for tickets on home game days, but have a limit of attending only two during the season.  Only 40% of seniors, 20% of juniors and sophomores, 15% of freshman and 10% of graduates are allowed in the stadium based on student earned credit hours.

As a senior, I am extremely unhappy with the new rules ever since the pandemic.  I am ecstatic that we are even allowed in the stadium at all but I should be able to get a ticket to every home game as a farewell gift like they usually do.

Now when I opt-in for games, I get denied because I don't have as many credit hours as other students.  I turn to the student ticket exchange to buy a ticket and instead they go for hundreds of dollars.  I am infuriated that students just opt-in for the best games like Alabama vs Georgia with no intention on going to the game and just sell their tickets for $800.

The system that UA has come up with amidst this pandemic definitely wasn't the best because even if you opt-in for every game, you still might not get a single ticket the whole season.

On top of that, the Alabama vs Auburn game is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the students don't come back after they leave on November 20.  I will be home in New Jersey and it will not be enough time to quarantine before getting on another flight back.

I know a lot of students are still going to attend, but I am sure more students are going to opt-in just to sell them on the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange for hundreds of dollars.

The Alabama vs Mississippi State game isn't the most exciting game to buy a ticket for, but unfortunately I bought one for $150 because I would like to see Bryant Denny Stadium one last time before I depart from the University of Alabama in the spring of 2021.  I am also excited because it's a night game so I will see those BDS lights one last time.

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