Orange Is the New Black has had its share of turnover and a few cast departures over the years, so when word broke that Taryn Manning might be taking Pennsatucky out of Litchfield and off the show altogether, fans were understandably dismayed. Fear not, however, as Manning herself stepped up to debunk the rumors.

The commotion apparently started with a now-deleted InTouch report suggesting that Manning wanted to gain some distance from her character, and would even take her career base from New York to Los Angeles. Not only did Netflix reps apparently deny the report, but Manning herself shot down the rumor over Instagram:

#quit #never ILove my squad! Silly magazines but still love ya! Xoxo

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For the moment, Netflix hasn’t released terribly many details of Orange Is the New Black Season 5, which is expected to debut in the summer. The series is already renewed for Seasons 6 and 7, and had been reported filming as early as July of 2016.

Netflix has half a dozen other major releases before word of Orange Is the New Black Season 5 might finally emerge from behind bars, but might we expect any potential turnover beside Manning?

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