Northport City Councilman Dennis Hambright died just a short time ago. Mayor Donna Aaron says she was informed during a meeting this morning that Northport Fire-Rescue had received a call about Hambright and that it, "didn't look good." A second call by Fire Chief Bart Marshall confirmed Hambright had passed away.

No further details are available at this time.

Mayor Aaron calls the news of Hambright's death shocking and devastating.

Hambright was elected to his first term as District 1 Councilman in October 2016, defeating incumbent Judy Hayes with 60% of the vote. By law the council must appoint a replacement for Hambright but the mayor says that will not happen for at least a month.

The late councilman has two sons, Eric and Taylor, and three grandchildren, Robert, Abagail and Ila Mae

He retired from B.F. Goodrich after 25 years and was Past President of the Tuscaloosa County High School Alumni Association for four years and still maintained a Board Seat.

***News director Don Hartley contributed to this report.***

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