It's no surprise that Alabama basketball head coach, Nate Oats, has really turned the team around since he arrived in Tuscaloosa in early 2019. When he got here, he promised fans that they would see a more entertaining, fast-tempo style of play and that's what he delivered. Not only has he helped create a solid foundation for Alabama basketball these past two years, but he has landed their team in the top 10 nationally ranked teams for the 2021 season.

During the Kentucky preview interview yesterday, Coach Oats was asked about the things that are different from this year's team compared to last year's team.

Coach Oats responded by saying, "Our leadership is a lot better, we've got guys that are holding each other accountable more. I told the guys that we have to show some maturity as a team and they all seemed to be pretty locked in for this game."

With the success that Alabama has had this year, it is no doubt that the leadership that Oats was speaking of has played a big part into their success.

Coach Oats also explains the importance of their intensity and focus in practice. "One of the big things for this team, is the amount of intensity they show in practice. That level of intensity during practice definitely pays off for us when game time comes around."

Without question, Alabama basketball has taken a turn for the better with the help of head coach, Nate Oats.

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