Starting July 1, you'll want to put your phone away if you'll be driving in Georgia.

The state's new "Hands-Free Law" goes into effect making it illegal to have a phone in your hand or supported with any part of your body while driving.  Drivers will only be allowed to use their phone  with a hands free device.  Speakerphones, wireless headphones or an earpiece are allowed too.

According to, the law also limits the use of headphones except those worn for communication.  Sending, writing and reading texts, social media  and the internet is also prohibited, and drivers can't watch videos while driving.  There's a $50 fine for the first offense and 1 point on our license, 2 points and $100 for the second and 3 points $150 for anything after that.

What is the law in Alabama?  The DMV says Alabama is among the states with the lowest fines for distracted driving.  There is no hand-held ban in Alabama, but there is a ban on sending, receiving, or composing text messaging for all drivers and a ban on cell phone use for novice drivers.

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