The estate of country music and pop legend Glen Campbell, previously reported to be worth tens of millions of dollars, is actually worth an estimated $410,000, according to a new report.

Nashville's Tennessean newspaper reports that Stanley B. Schneider, who worked for the singer and guitarist first as his accountant and then as his manager, has filed a four-page document in Davidson Probate Court in Nashville that places the estimated value of Campbell's estate at $410,221, a far cry from initial press reports after the singer's death that listed assets closer to $50 million.

Probate Judge David "Randy" Kennedy appointed Schneider as administrator ad litem of Campbell's estate in February. His inventory of Campbell's assets includes two bank accounts containing a combined total of $959. The largest single asset listed is a 50 percent stake in the AZPB Limited Partnership, valued $296,164. He also lists a 50 percent interest in the AZ Baseball Broadcast Holdings at $3,464. That appears related to Campbell's previously reported ownership interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Glen Campbell Music Inc. is valued at $25,110 in the filing, and Glen Campbell Enterprises is listed at $84,524. Campbell was the sole owner of both of those companies.

Schneider is also in charge of tracking ongoing royalties paid to the estate, and he listed $42,448 in royalty payments between Aug. 8 and April 20, with $76,000 in royalties still owed to the estate. Checks totaling $1,776 were awaiting deposit at the time of his filing, and a payment of $14,246 is expected as a settlement on an insurance claim stemming from water damage to a California property Campbell owned.

Schneider listed debts of $118,200, including an estimated $107,000 in state and federal income taxes and $71,000 in legal fees. His estimate of Campbell's assets does not include future income from royalties, saying, "Appraisal needed."

Campbell died on Aug. 8, 2017, after battling Alzheimer's since 2011. His estate is the subject of a legal battle; Campbell's 13-page will excludes his daughter Kelli and sons William Travis and Wesley Kane from benefitting from his estate. They are his children from his marriage to his second wife, Billie Jean Nunley, which ended in divorce in 1976. Campbell was married a total of  four times and had eight children.

The singer's widow, Kim Campbell, has filed a claim asking for more than half a million dollars in reimbursement from the late singer's estate to cover his medical costs. Campbell's will names her as executor, while she and his five other children are listed as beneficiaries.

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