George Strait is truly a kind soul. The country superstar paid a visit to the residents of Rockport, Texas, offering words of encouragement to one of the towns that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Strait appeared at a local Ace Hardware on Thursday (Sept. 21) to give an impassioned speech about the area and let people know that he and his wife Norma, along with Gov. Greg Abbott, are committed to getting the town back on its feet.

"We're going to keep a light shining right here on this area," Strait says. "So much has been said about other parts of the state, and deservedly so, but we still need help here and we can't be forgotten."

Strait and his wife Norma have been longtime residents of Rockport, and he emphasized to his fellow neighbors that they're "not forgotten."

"We like it just the way it was and we want to get it back there," he says of the town, a statement met with supportive cheers from the crowd. Several fans turned to social media to share their appreciation for the superstar's appearance after Strait went into the crowd to sign autographs after his speech.

"Locals say this was a badly-needed lift of their spirits," Emily Baucum of News 4 San Antonio says in a tweet. Based on the photos, Strait drew a huge crowd in Rockport, and was seen signing hats and posing with a mother and her baby.

This is just one way the country legend has made an impact on hurricane victims. He hosted his portion of the nationwide Hand in Hand benefit concert from the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio alongside Miranda LambertChris Stapleton, Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen. The telethon brought in $44 million for hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean islands.

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