This woman's decision to stick with her game plan literally paid off.

Judy Finchum, of Grand Junction, Colo., recently won a $133 million Powerball jackpot by playing the same numbers she's been playing for 30 years (whether she spent $133 million on lottery tickets over the years is a whole other matter).

According to ABC, the digits that moved her into a totally new economic bracket are:

Number 17 for her late brother, her own birth date, 18, 24 for her sister Star, 25 for her ex-husband's and 31 for her daughter.

Finchum, 67, had worked jobs in real estate and selling Xerox machines. We say "had" because she retired. After deciding to take a lump sum payment that, after taxes, will never her nearly $85 million, it's hardly to blame her for no longer working.

She also hopes to use some of her winnings to help people affected by hurricanes and forest fires.

And, oh yeah -- don't expect to press her luck, either. She says she's done playing the lottery.

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