On Tuesday (Sept. 19), Kix Brooks' wife Barbara one-upped a Facebook scammer using her husband's name to try and trick fans. On Twitter, she shared a message she received from someone on Facebook pretending to be her husband; the message she received is nothing if not hilarious, given that the Brookses are happily married.

After the person pretending to be Kix Brooks reached out to Barbara Brooks via Facebook, she shared a screenshot of the message she received. In part, it says that Kix Brooks is single "because my ex cheat on me (sic)" and is looking for love with "a very beautiful woman" ... like his current wife. It's essentially a scam-filled romantic proposition.

"The irony of one of the @KixBrooks hackers sending this message to me is pretty hilarious," Barbara Brooks tweeted.

Kix and Barbara Brooks have been married since  Aug. 1, 1981; they first met in Maine in 1979, before he was even pursuing a musical career. Their relationship survived a period of long-distance dating after Kix Brooks moved to Nashville; Barbara Brooks joined him a year later. Together, they have two children, Molly and Eric.

Fortunately, Barbara Brooks was able to identify that the man messaging her online wasn't, in fact, her husband, but fans are not always so lucky. In recent months, scammers have attempted to impersonate a number of country artists, including Toby Keith, Chris Young and Jake Owen. In Owen's case, the scammer operated similarly to the fake Kix Brooks account, messaging female fans and pretending to be the artist; Owen fired back, sharing the scammer's phone number with his thousands of followers on social media.

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